Have you ever wanted to know the basis of DNA extraction? If you answered yes, this article for you?

Not only will you learn everything there is to know on DNA and DNA extraction. But you will also have the chance to extract the DNA present in your cheek cell.

This article is the first one of a series of two. In this one, you will learn all about DNA and DNA extraction. The second one will teach how to obtain and understand the genetic information present in the DNA.

DN… What???

Deoxyribonucleic acid, aka DNA, is a macromolecule present in the cell of all living organisms. It holds all the genetic information of an organism. That means DNA dictates how…

Bitcoin has a major and significant influence in the blockchain sphere. The legacy that it has can’t be denied. And one of the main elements of this legacy is its white paper.

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This is Why I decided to make this series of articles. My goal ,for this series of articles, is to try to summarize the bitcoin white paper and some of the underlying concepts that it holds so it is better to understand for individuals that don’t have a technical background.

Abstract and Introduction.

With the increase of internet-based commerce, the need of doing transactions online has also increased. Unfortunately, the execution of any kind of transaction over the internet relies heavily on financial institutions and third parties for the processing of electronic payments.

Imagine that you are buying a t-shirt on an online…

Artificial Intelligence, usually abbreviated as AI, is everywhere. And as much that I like some of the good parts it brings to my life. I can not stop myself from thinking about the multitude of ways AI can wrongly be used, and some of the ethical concerns its implementation can bring to our day-to-day life.

You might think that there is no way that AI can be bad. well, there is a multitude of ways AI can be used in a way that is harmful and it does not need to be an over-the-top scenario, like Netflix content recommendation system…

Smart contracts are one the hottest thing in the blockchain sphere right but it can be a little bit difficult to fully comprehend what they are.

Imagine that you had the possibility of renewing your rent without needing a third party?

No seriously imagine that any contract or agreement that you have made at this point in your life could execute itself without the need of third parties. Imagine how much easier it would be to create and implement a contract or agreement.

What if I tell you that a new technology called blockchain could allow you to do exactly that.

You might still be skeptical, but I guarantee you that it is true. Blockchain allow the implementation of smart contracts which are contracts that can…

Blockchain will bring a lot of disruption in the IT-sphere but how precisely do you implement one. This article will take you through the entire completion of a simple blockchain project in python.

Blockchain 101:

Blockchain is a public ledger being shared between all the nodes in a peer-to-peer network. It is composed of a multitude of blocks being each cryptographically linked together and that is ruled by a protocol.

If you want to get in more depth in Blockchain technology you can go see my article on the subject.

Begin with the block:

As we stated above the blockchain is a cryptographically linked chain of blocks so it is logical to begin by implementing a block class. …

Blockchain has been kind of a buzz word lately the media and different type of companies used the word for pretty much anything. Those misuse of the word can let the public to wonder what exactly is blockchain technology.

This is why I made this article, to allow everyone interested in blockchain to understand the concept behind it.

Blockchain can be compared to a ledger to be more precise it is an electronic ledger build on top of a peer-to-peer network.
Instead of calling it a ledger, in the case of the blockchain, we called it Block. Those blocks hold data and are cryptographically linked to each other.

One important thing to know is that the blockchain is not one thing. It is more like a multitude of various technology put together to create a specific architecture. …

Where are they, where are the AI assistants like JARVIS, or where are the droids like C3PO or R2D2?

If you are a sci-fi movie or series enthusiast like me there is a probability that you at least once in your life ask yourself the same question.

It has been years that sci-fi movies and tv-show have been bombarding us with the promise of having one day AI with human-like intelligence roaming the street and living in harmony with us. But none of those promises seem to come to a realization.

r2d2 and c3po

I acknowledge that we have made a good part of the achievement toward this utopian dream of mine as a matter of fact we have Amazon Alexa as…

Recently I was listening to the podcast the dropout of ABC new. It tells the story of Theranos, a pharmaceutical company created by Elizabeth holmes that claim to have a device that could do a blood test and analysis it with only a drop of blood. This statement turns out to be false, but it left me wondering about the process behind blood. I am pretty sure that you had at some point done a blood test but usually, we only see the beginning of the process, the part where the doctor or nurse drew blood with the help of…

An overview of quantum computer and quantum computation.

Computers are amazing they allow us to do a wide range of calculations in a split of a second. But unfortunately, they have a limit in what they can do. This is why some researchers are turning toward this new and exciting field of quantum computing.

Quantum computing was proposed and begin in 1980 when a physicist called Paul Benioff proposed a quantum model for the Turing machine. It was then suggested by Richard Feynman that a quantum computer had the capability to simulate things that a classical computer can not do.


The big difference between a classical computer and…

We are all aware that DNA holds an important role in the functioning of all species, in fact, it holds the information that is responsible for how an organism is built and how it reacts with its environment. This is why we sometimes compared it to the blueprint of life.

But unfortunately, not a lot of people know that Protein can be considered as the second most import molecule. As a matter of fact, if DNA is the blueprint of life then protein is the building block of life.

Actually, the DNA is used to create protein in a process…

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