Bitcoin has a major and significant influence in the blockchain sphere. The legacy that it has can’t be denied. And one of the main elements of this legacy is its white paper.

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Abstract and Introduction.

Smart contracts are one the hottest thing in the blockchain sphere right but it can be a little bit difficult to fully comprehend what they are.

Blockchain will bring a lot of disruption in the IT-sphere but how precisely do you implement one. This article will take you through the entire completion of a simple blockchain project in python.

Blockchain 101:

Begin with the block:

Blockchain has been kind of a buzz word lately the media and different type of companies used the word for pretty much anything. Those misuse of the word can let the public to wonder what exactly is blockchain technology.

Where are they, where are the AI assistants like JARVIS, or where are the droids like C3PO or R2D2?

r2d2 and c3po

An overview of quantum computer and quantum computation.

source website:

Allowing computation on the blockchain.

Djegnene Penyel

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